About Us

“Is it in trend?” is what we are often asked, isn’t it? The flavour of distinctiveness is what our eyes look for. Uniqueness is like a pinch of salt in the whole meal. Featuring the finest quality Gemstone beads, cabochons, beaded and silver jewellery for you. Gemstones are rare occurrences on Earth, they are formed over millions and billions of years such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. They hold distinct healing properties in them giving the buyer a sense of styling too. Gemsrush brings you new artistic designs in jewellery on daily basis intending to provide our customers with as many options as available. Manufacturing second-to-none products bring a lot of manpower and commitment to the work that we are aware of and hence the gems we use are cut and polished in Jaipur, the pink city of India.

We all look for variety in our lifestyles, whether it’s in clothes, footwear or accessories. Different products attract different personalities. Keeping this in mind, we design products that can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Contrasting combinations of the jewels make it more attractive and royal which fits in for all sorts of occasions. We bring different colours and exclusive shapes that sync in with your several kinds of moods and seasons of the year. This one-stop jewellery shop helps our customers ‘wear the rare’ which builds the uniqueness in their persona, customizing jewellery in India and Bangkok depending on designs and customer requirements.

The experience of 30 years in the gemstone business says a lot about the Gemsrush Founders. Since 1988 our involvement in collecting the rarest of rare jewels has shown a quality increase in our business with satisfaction from our buyers. From polishing the gems to creating customised jewellery for the clientele, the company has built its name in the market.

Gemsrush says - ‘you name it and you have it whether it’s a personalised ring, earring, bracelet or even a necklace.