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Natural Purple Amethyst Fancy Bracelet with silver lock

Natural Purple Amethyst Fancy Bracelet with silver lock

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ITEM : Natural Purple Amethyst Faceted Briolette Beaded Bracelet, featuring 9-11mm gemstones and secure with 925 silver claps. This unique and charming piece is a limited edition charm. Treat yourself to a wearable work of art, crafted with genuine, ethically sourced amethysts, ensuring that your bracelet is as unique as you are.

Product Details : 

  • Stone Name : Purple Amethyst
  • Birth month : February
  • Stone Shape : Fancy Briolette
  • Stone Cut : Faceted
  • Stone Color : Purple Color
  • Stone Size : 9-11 mm
  • Bracelet Weight : 147 Carat / 29.4 gram approx.
  • Bracelet Type: Lobster lock Bracelet
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • SKU Code : Gr-3120


    Why Should You Buy This  

    • 1. Regal Radiance: Embrace inner royalty with vibrant amethysts that shimmer with captivating elegance. Turn heads and add magic to any outfit.
    • 2. Wearable Zen: Soothe your soul and balance emotions with the calming energy of amethysts. Each faceted briollette whispers peace with every touch.
    • 3. One-of-a-Kind You: No two bracelets are alike! Own a unique masterpiece crafted with natural, ethically sourced amethysts. Be as dazzling as you are.

    Amethyst Properties & Benefits

    1. Protective energy ,
    2. Intuition and clarity,
    3. Creativity and Imagination.
    4. February Birthstone


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