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Owl Cubic Zircon Sterling Silver Earring

Owl Cubic Zircon Sterling Silver Earring

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ITEM : Owl-shaped red oval cubic zirconia 925 sterling silver earrings. These owl earrings have a mesmerizing pink zirconia eye, which makes them unique and gives them a stunning look.

Product Details : In our workshop, a skilled artisan crafted sterling silver into a charming owl. Its red cubic zircon body and a mesmerizing pink zircon eye added allure. Beyond being just jewelry, these earrings held a tale of craftsmanship and magic. Wearing them meant embracing the extraordinary enchantment woven by skilled hands.

  • Earring : Owl Pattern Zircon Silver Earring
  • Stone Name : Red Zircon
  • Stone Shape : Oval
  • Stone Cut : Faceted
  • Stone Color : Red
  • Stone Size : 10x10 mm Approx

Why Should You Buy This  

  1. Sparkling Wisdom: Mesmerizing pink stone eyes on this handcrafted owl charm your ears with unique beauty.
  2. Lucky Lovelies: Embrace owl's magic. Red zircon sparkle meets silver allure for statement earrings that bring fortune and flair.
  3. Gift of Enchantment: Surprise her with an artisan's tale spun in silver and stone. Red owl earrings whisper elegance and mystery.


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