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High Quality Ruby Double Layered Necklace

High Quality Ruby Double Layered Necklace

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Product Details Elevate your elegance with our Natural Ruby Double Layered Saraf Necklace. Adorned with smooth rondelle-cut rubies, this exquisite double-layered necklace, weighing approximately 52.2 grams, adds a touch of allure with its rich red gemstones. A timeless statement of sophistication

ITEM : Double Layered Ruby Gemstone Saraf Necklace


◉ FINISHING : Faceted Cut Gemstone

◉ TYPE : Necklace

◉ SHAPE : Rondelle 


◉ WEIGHT :  52.2 Gram APPROX

◉ ITEM CODE : AMB-7174

Why Should You Buy This -  

  1. It is made with high-quality natural rubies. Rubies are a precious gemstone that is known for its beauty and rarity. The rubies in this necklace are also faceted, which means that they have been cut to enhance their brilliance and fire.
  2. It is a statement piece that is perfect for any special occasion. This necklace is eye-catching and will make a statement at any event. The four layers of rondelle-cut rubies add to the necklace's visual appeal. 
  3. It is a great investment. Rubies are a valuable gemstone that is only becoming more rare. This necklace is a great way to invest in a piece of jewelry that will appreciate in value over time.

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